ProActive Premium ColdFusion Monitoring (PPCM)

With PPCM we'll be able to take care of your ColdFusion updates. When Adobe releases a new one, we update your servers for you. We pre-arrange this with you so that the updates are installed as smoothly as possible. For example, you may say "install updates immediately, install updates overnight and within 24 hours, or install overnight and within 48 hours". We work with you so that they're installed at your chosen time.

Aside from updates, we also monitor your services more closely allowing us to pick up issues faster.

- We monitor the ColdFusion service itself (the executable)

- We monitor your DSN connections

- We add a site to your server which we use to monitor ColdFusion response time

- We add automated diagnostics to the server, this allows heap & thread dumps to be automatically taken at the exact moment of an issue, these are reviewed by our ColdFusion team.

The PPCM Standard, Enterprise, and Ultimate packages refer to the FusionReactor edition.

To see the features in FusionReactor Enterprise and Ultimate compared to Standard see this table.

Addon Product

Pricing (US)

Pricing (UK)

PPCM (FusionReactor Standard)



PPCM (FusionReactor Enterprise)



PPCM (FusionReactor Ultimate)



Standard ColdFusion Monitoring

Addon Product

Pricing (US)

Pricing (UK)

FuseGuard - ColdFusion Web Application Firewall



FusionReactor (standard)



FusionReactor (Enterprise)



FusionReactor (Ultimate)



Pro-Active Monitoring & ColdFusion Hotfixes

Addon Product

Pricing (US)

Pricing (UK)

Pro-active CF Monitoring & ColdFusion Hotfixes



Note: If there is any concern regarding addon's overlapping, then please don't hesitate to reach out to [email protected]. Our support team will be happy to assist with any questions you may have.

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