SmarterBundle is a promo package created by SmarterTools, the developers of SmarterMail for the purpose of introducing people to SmarterMail that have never used SmarterMail.

The SmarterBundle is essentially the equivalent of the SmarterMail Professional 250 license, which comes with all features provided in the professional edition of SmarterMail and you are allowed up to 250 users on the server spread out across as many domains as you wish.

As mentioned above the purpose of offering SmarterBundle is to introduce people to the SmarterMail software, so there is licensing limitations when using this product. These are all covered in the below common questions we receive regarding this product:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: Can I upgrade from SmarterMail Free to SmarterBundle?

Answer: No, this would not qualify for the SmarterBundle promo.

Question: Can SmarterMail be upgraded upon new releases with SmarterBundle?

Answer: You will be limited to using the same major release version of SmarterMail when using SmarterBundle. This means that you can have minor release upgrades performed but you can not jump to the next major release of SmarterMail.

Example: If using SmarterBundle on SmarterMail 15.x then you can upgrade to a newer 15.x release, but you can not upgrade to SmarterMail 16.x or 17.x unless you purchase an actual license.

Question: What features come with SmarterBundle?

Answer: You will be running the SmarterMail Professional version when using SmarterBundle. This means that you will have access to all features available in the Professional version of SmarterMail, excluding any add-ons available for the professional version.

Question: Can I run SmarterBundle on multiple servers?

Answer: SmarterBundle is only allowed to be used once for a single customer. This is including the use of multiple servers, as an actual paid license would be needed if operating more than a single server with SmarterMail.

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