The 'Control Panel Access Logs' function will allow you to view previous login attempts to your WCP. 

1. Login to your WCP Control Panel

Note: You can view our topic on logging into WCP if you need help with this step.

2. You will then be brought to the Account Manager screen. Click on ‘Control Panel Access Logs’.

Note: If you are logged in but not on this Account Manage page then click the drop-down on the top-right of the page and choose ‘Account Manager’.

3. You will then be presented with a list of login attempts performed for your WCP account.

  1. IP: This will contain the IP address in which the login attempt originated from.

  2. Country: This will provide you with the country that the IP address originates from.

  3. Timestamp: This is portray the date and time in which the login attempt was made.

  4. Successful: The check mark indicates whether or not the login attempt was successful. A check mark means it was successful while no check mark means it was unsuccessful. 

4. Scrolling to the bottom of the page, you will be presented with an 'Export' option that will allow you to export this list as a .CSV file. 

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